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CNC manufacturing process

CNC Multi-Axis Milling and Turning

At ANR we have the ability to produce parts which require the use of multi-axis CNC manufacturing machines.

Our 4-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Mazak turning centres allow us to produce jobs in one process, thus reducing operations which ultimately reduces cost.

Our machines are of the highest calibre and a 5-Axis CNC manufacturing machine provides infinite possibilities as to part sizes and shapes. It allows us to process five sides of a part in a single setup, moving across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotating on the A and B axes. This allows for higher part accuracy because the workpiece does not move across multiple workstations.

5-axis machining also provides us with the following benefits:

  • Improved drilling process: This process allows us to reach smaller and more complex angles, as well as proving the capability to drill a set of holes with different variants without changing the initial set up of the machine.
  • Efficiency & cost effectiveness: By being able to cut your material in one place, rather than having to set up at different stations after each section saves a considerable amount of time. This also leads to less wastage and lower tooling costs.
  • Better surface finish: With the extra axes provided by 5-axis machining we can bring the part we are working on closer to the cutting tool. This allows the cutting tool to be shorter, resulting in fewer vibrations and a higher quality surface finish, which we strive for with our CNC manufacturing. 

Often, multi-axis machining is utilised in high-end or high-technology sectors. However ANR have successfully adopted this principle in the commercial markets, increasing our competitiveness in many industries. Furthermore the machines are bar feed so production can be continuous, further reducing production time and cost.

These 4-Axis and 5-Axis CNC machining centres are supported by our Solid Cam® software so that we can programme and machine directly from the customer's 3D models as well as from 2D drawings.

Precision Multi-Axis Technology – helping drive down costs.

A 5-Axis CNC machine helps us produce jobs in one process
Multi-Axis Engineering Applications from ANR Manufacturing
At ANR we possess 5-axis machining capabilities