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CNC manufacturing capabilities

Benefits of using a multi-axis CNC machine

Precision engineering is a highly detailed and complex manufacturing operation which requires the most efficient tools available to carry out the ever increasing expectations and demands within industry. Multi-axis machines provide a high level of CNC manufacturing capabilities and come with several benefits which make them invaluable tools to use.

In simple terms, multi-axis machining is a manufacturing process whereby tools can move in 4 or more directions. This technical element helps to provide better surface finishes and quicker production times. CNC programming is made easier though the use of multi-axis CNC machines that help by:

  • Improving the drilling process: With fewer set-ups required, the drilling process can be made more accurate. Each time a part of a machine gets moved, the precise alignment will get lost. Multi-axis machines reduce the risk of this happening and allow us to drill a set of holes with different variants without changing the initial set up of the machine
  • Reducing costs and production times: By being able to cut the material in one place due to the extra angles provided, fewer work stations and machines are required. Furthermore, fewer set-ups are needed meaning pieces can be cut quicker.
  • Providing a better surface finish: The part being cut is able to be closer to the cutting tool. This allows the cutting tool to be shorter, resulting in fewer vibrations and a higher quality surface finish. This again saves on time at the end when finishing off a part.
  • Producing complex shapes: The additional movements which multi-axis machines can offer enable manufacturers to cut complex angles and arcs seamlessly, which was only possible before with the addition of special fixtures and time consuming set-ups.


  1. What distinguishes multi-axis machining from traditional machining processes? Multi-axis machining allows tools to move in four or more directions, enabling better surface finishes and quicker production times compared to traditional machining processes. This flexibility in movement facilitates the creation of complex shapes and angles with greater precision.
  2. How do multi-axis CNC machines contribute to cost reduction and efficiency in manufacturing? Multi-axis CNC machines reduce costs and production times by cutting materials in one place due to the extra angles provided. This minimises the need for multiple work stations and machines, as well as reducing setup times. Additionally, the ability to produce parts with a better surface finish saves time in the finishing process.

Here at ANR Manufacturing LTD we have the tools and skills to manufacture complicated components to a first class standard. This is made possible by the use of our 4-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Mazak turning centres. These CNC manufacturing devices allow us to undertake multiple jobs in one process, thus reducing operational time which ultimately cuts costs.

Furthermore our 5-Axis CNC machine provides infinite possibilities for part sizes and shapes. This means we are able to deliver whatever you require. If you have any manufacturing requirements, we would be happy to hear from you.