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Cable Assembles Electronics from ANR Manufacturing - Working with you to achieve your exact requirements.

Cable Assembly

We are cable assembly manufacturers who specialise in I/O cables, ranging from RS232 signal cables to complex loom and we offer a quality and cost-effective solution. We manufacture custom cable assemblies for one-off looms through to production runs of 500 off.

As well as this we are able to construct custom coaxial cable assemblies using our specialist skills and knowledge of cable assembly.

What is cable assembly? 

Cable assembly is the procedure of grouping cables together which can then be arranged into a singular tube of material for a specific purpose. This activity – also known as cable harnesses or wiring looms - is used for both the mass production of the same unit as well as manufacturing custom parts when required. 

Cable assembly companies will create cable assemblies to be used across a wide range of industry sectors, such as telecommunications and the military. Each cable assembly project will vary in size, colour and length of cable depending on the application. 

ANR – Specialist cable assembly manufacturers 

As would be expected of experienced cable assembly companies, we hold a large stock of industry standard connectors and cables. This ensures a fast turnaround on urgent requirements, whilst we will aim to hold, for any repeatable contracts, bespoke components and materials to offer fast turn-on requirements.

Working to IPC-620 standards, levels 2 and 3 as standard, as professional cable assembly manufacturers we pride ourselves on our quality, professionalism, speed of delivery and cost. This means that our team of qualified engineers will work towards ensuring that every cable assembly project is completed to provide:

Cost efficiency: Our highly skilled cable assembly engineers work with a wide range of materials on a daily basis and will be able to select the highest quality ones to accommodate any budget. We aim to deliver longer lasting products that provide a better return on investment.

Safety: All our products go through vigorous testing to provide a safe and reliable end product. We are also able to offer unique certification for customers upon request.

Transmission of High Quantity of Voltage: The work and testing carried out by our cable assembly manufacturers helps to minimise electrical disturbances in the wires, allowing the current to pass through the cables at a higher intensity and provide better conductivity.

We also offer support services such as raw cable design and sourcing from our partner factories in Europe. This can cover mixed technology cables for certain industries, special sheaths for cables and, for some markets, we can still offer braided and laced cables for specific applications. Supply of cables from cable assembly companies is also important, so we work with production teams on how cables are to be provided: from individually bagged, labelled and with certification through to large cables individually palletised for ease of handling.

Working with you to achieve your exact requirements for custom cable assemblies.

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