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ems electronics

Case Study

Customer Industry: Audio / Broadcast

Area involved: Electronics / Engineering

Production Requirements: Redesign of product 

Project Delivery: 2 months

Benefit gained through ANR: Improved product specifications, consistent manufacturing and volume orders.

The story:

ANR were approached by an existing electronics customer from the high-end audio market.

We were requested to improve upon an existing product with which the current manufacturer was having problems producing a consistent final product. The product was complex: a full 3D machined part.

ANR used our Solid Cam® software to reproduce the machining and identified that some of the issues lay with the actual model that had been supplied. This was amended prior to production.

The finishing was also identified as another weak point for consistency, so using our extensive knowledge of surface treatments we managed to develop a multi-process programme providing a reliable and repeatable finish.

The customer was so pleased with the final result that we were tasked with developing a new product which was a scaled up version of the existing product. Again using our Solid Cam® software, we quickly produced prototypes for the customer to display at a show. This was to a tight deadline but focus was directed towards this to meet it on time and within budget. These ongoing and successful projects have led to further production orders and further prototyping requirements.