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Case Studies

To see how ANR has helped many of its clients over the years, please review the case studies below or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

ANR were approached by an existing broadcast communications customer, and were tasked with repackaging an existing product with added functionality. One constraint was the existing internal electronics. More...

ANR were requested to improve upon an existing product with which the current manufacturer was having problems producing a consistent final product. The product was complex: a full 3D machined part. More...

ANR were approached and tasked with producing a multi-faceted cable assembly, which allows multiple portable devices to be charged through one cable. More...

ANR were approached to make a high-end audio processor unit. This was already an existing product produced in the US. However our customer was looking for a mirror production line in the UK. More...

ANR box build for technological solution that provides synchronisation of sound and vision for televised outside broadcast events.  Additionally, we have also been providing logistics, distribution and other support services. More...