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What is a box build assembly?

What is a box build assembly?

A box build assembly, often termed as system integration by manufacturers, involves assembling both the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and the enclosure where the product will be housed. This service is suitable for volume production after prototyping, testing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and qualifying against relevant regulations.

When transitioning to scale or initiating volume production, managing multiple vendors and coordinating various aspects of manufacturing can be overwhelming. Here at ANR, we offer comprehensive box build services to streamline the logistical workload, and deliver fully assembled electronics ready for immediate use.

Components typically included in a box build assembly are:

  • Connectors, including modular ones like D-shells
  • Custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses
  • Batteries, serving as the primary or backup power source
  • Custom or off-the-shelf enclosures
  • Heat sink attachments with thermal interface materials
  • Other board attachments like brackets or standoffs
  • Enclosure attachments such as fans
  • Custom enclosures

    Custom enclosures, often fabricated from sheet metal, are a focal point in box build assemblies due to their durability and ease of customisation. Sheet metal is malleable for cutting and folding into enclosures and can be drilled to accommodate cable inlets or connectors.

    Why choose a box build assembly manufacturer? 

    Opting for a box build assembly service allows a business to receive a ready-to-use assembly while reducing vendor logistics. Depending on manufacturer capabilities and partnerships, options range from simpler plastic enclosures to custom sheet metal enclosures. Collaboration with a third-party enclosure design and production facility is also feasible, with the assembler integrating the custom enclosure.

    At ANR, we specialise in offering comprehensive PCB box build solutions and have years of experience. Our process involves precise integration of electromechanical systems, ensuring high standards and accuracy throughout.

    Whether it is panel wiring, box assembly, or simpler tasks, our skilled engineers handle each project with precision and efficiency. We maintain transparent communication, providing updates and accommodating any necessary changes throughout the process. If you require a PCB box build project, we are eager to assist and would love to hear from you