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Elements involved in a box build assembly

What elements are involved in a box build assembly?

Box build is an electromechanical process which includes wiring, the installation of components and the production of enclosures. It is also known as systems integration and goes beyond working on a printed circuit board. The box build manufacturing process can be complex and involves several technical elements to complete a project. 

The most standard box build assembly processes include:

  • The installation of sub-assemblies

  • Routing of cables

  • The fabrication of enclosures

Having all the materials in place for these elements to be completed on time before the start of a PCB box build is crucial to meeting client demands and for making sure there is enough material for what is required.

How to outsource a box build assembly

With the box build assembly process being more involved than producing a printed circuit board, there is more information to consider when working with a trusted electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partner. Here is a list for discussion before committing to a project:

  • Materials: Making sure the manufacturer can work with certain materials may be important, especially to help stay within budget. It is good to find out what they specialise in and how easily they can source materials.
  • Assembly: More advanced EMS providers will use CAD packages and other cutting edge software to show designs and produce a high quality box build product.
  • Testing: Thorough testing should take place at every stage of a box build assembly process. As well as this, electrical safety testing must be used for a PCB box build.

Here at ANR Manufacturing LTD we offer the precision engineering skills and resources to ensure the success of any type of box build manufacturing assignment. If you would like to discuss your requirements with an expert, then please get in touch.