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PCB Box Build

How does box build assembly help a business?

Manufacturing is a complex process that involves many moving parts and coordination among multiple vendors. Certain manufacturers can offer multiple services to help a business reduce their logistical workload. One of these services may be box build assembly, where a manufacturing company provides a complete electronics assembly in a box that can be used immediately. 

Box build assembly involves needing expertise in the integration of a wide range of electromechanical systems. Skilled engineers will carry out the installation of components and produce enclosures. 

Here at ANR our box build assembly service can help your business by offering:

  • Quality assurance

Here at ANR our highly skilled electronics division understand that a box should not only fit the components and make the box build easy to use, but also protect the system to ensure that it will work safely. We can design and install a box build assembly to match your preferences.

Our end-product testing of a box build will make sure the box build can work well in real environments. This quality assurance ensures that all of our box build assemblies are created so that our clients are given a product that suits their every need.  

  • Cost Effective and Time-Saving solutions

Our box build assembly services are delivered using high tech equipment that helps us deliver projects on time. We are able to source the best electronic components for our clients to save them time and allow their projects to run cost effectively. 

The skills and knowledge of our engineers means that they are able to overcome any problems quickly and efficiently resulting in a project meeting a client’s budget and being delivered before or on time. 

If you are looking for reliable box build assembly manufacturers, our box build assembly service will not let you down. No matter the size or scope of your project, we will have a solution that works for you. Please contact us now to find out more.