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Manual turning

Why manual turning is still needed

While there have been many fantastic developments since the inception of CNC turning, the use of a manual lathe has not been pushed aside and still has some benefits.

The manual turning process requires an operator to shape a piece of material with the tool, rather than the use of computer programming. This can help produce extremely intricate and detailed custom components. As well as this, manual turning:

Is ideal for small projects: Small projects can be the perfect scenarios in which to use manual turning centres as they provide a cost effective and efficient solution. 

Is undertaken by skilled personnel: Using manual turning centres requires skilled personnel who would have spent years perfecting their craft. This helps provide a high-quality finish and ensures deadlines will be met.

Comes with no delay: Rather than a CNC machine where a lot of programming is required, manual turning can start right away. This helps with projects which have tight deadlines as a faster set-up results in a quicker turnaround. 

Here at ANR we are skilled in both the CNC and manual turning processes and will use whichever system best fits each individual project we undertake. We have two Colchester manual turning centres and our machinists are capable of engineering precisely machined components for use across a range of industry sectors.

If you require uniquely turned parts and the need of professional manual turning experts, then please contact us today to discuss your project with our team.