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Five mind blowing engineering facts

Engineering is a part of everyone’s life and over the years there have been many great inventions and engineering achievements which you may not be aware of. For example did you know …

Engineers make interactive television possible?  

From designing new cables to creating new film emulsions, and engineering better sound and light quality, engineers are involved in all aspects of interactive TV technology. This technology is ever developing and expanding to allow viewers to select any program, film, or game from a huge amount of different channels. Over 26 million households in the UK have at least one TV set, and we would bet you have one as well. 

Watching TV

Engineers are responsible for the Ferris wheel?

The first Ferris wheel was invented by George Ferris in 1893. Ferris created two 140-foot towers that were connected by a 45-foot axle. It was the single largest piece of forged steel to be created at the time and his creation has become a famous fairground attraction. The Ain Dubai in the city of Dubai is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel at 820 feet (250 meters).

Ferris Wheel

The Snowboard Was Invented by an Engineer?

Sherman Poppen created the first snowboard prototype in the mid-1960s as a winter toy for his daughter by securing two snow skis together and fastening a lead to the front for steering. The sport quickly grew in popularity and in 1998, snowboarding was included in the Winter Olympics for the first time in Nagano, Japan.

Snow boarding

There are over 8,800 onshore wind turbines and 2,300 offshore turbines in the UK?

Renewable UK say that: “Renewables provide nearly a third of UK power in the UK and half of this is generated from wind energy. Generation from onshore and offshore wind in the UK are central to the shift to an energy system fit for the future.”

Engineering wind turbine

The engineering, manufacturing and construction of wind turbines are extremely important in providing renewable energy for the UK.

The world’s longest submarine telephone cable runs for 27,000 km?

FLAG (Fibre-optic Link Around the Globe) runs from Japan to the United Kingdom. It links three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia) and 11 countries, and can support 600,000 simultaneous telephone calls.

Submarine engineering

Here at ANR Manufacturing we are a precision engineering company who are always excited to find out new facts about engineering. If you would like to find out about our engineering knowledge and expertise then please contact us now