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Engineering Services in Buckinghamshire

Engineering Services

Engineering services are required to produce high quality and intricate pieces of metalwork for a wide range of industries. Military bases and commercial businesses rely upon the production of metal products, from one off prototypes to the mass production of a repeated part. Thoughtfully designed processes such as milling and turning can help produce valuable resources.

Precision engineers are capable of working with several different types of materials, such as aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel and mild steel. They will have the knowledge and experience to determine which processes and machines will need to be used to meet each client demand. 

Here at ANR Manufacturing we offer professional electronic and engineering services from our base in Buckinghamshire to companies throughout the UK. We have a plethora of milling and turning centres, including 5-axis machines, to provide high quality cutting options for our clients.

Not only this but our engineers will work tirelessly throughout a project to deliver exceptionally detailed design support assistance to ensure the production of accurately defined customer requirements. This support will be a two way process that will allow changes to be made where needed.

If your project involves the production of a one off small component, or the mass production of a large part, our team will be able to carry this work out. Our engineering services will help solve your challenges. Please contact us now to find out more.