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Electronics box build services

Electronics box build services


A box build assembly involves assembling printed circuit boards through a range of wiring and cables. The process tasks engineers with the fabrication, installation and testing of components to create a complete system. 


Electronics box build services are required for many different industries due to the reliability, safety and security they provide. Computer, medical, aerospace and telecommunication sectors are just a few which rely heavily upon a PCB box build. 

A custom, high quality box build project allows a client to select specific requirements tailored to their exact needs. The box is then built to be compatible with the client’s existing systems and designed to run as smoothly as possible.


  1. What industries benefit from electronics box build services? Electronics box build services cater to a wide range of industries including computer, medical, aerospace, and telecommunications sectors. These industries rely on reliable and secure PCB box builds to ensure the functionality and safety of their systems.
  2. What distinguishes a custom box build project from standard solutions? A custom box build project allows clients to select specific requirements tailored to their exact needs. This ensures compatibility with existing systems and ensures smooth operation. 
  3. How does ANR Manufacturing Ltd ensure quality and reliability in its box build services? All box build work undergoes thorough programming, testing and packaging to meet various specifications. 

Here at ANR Manufacturing Ltd our electronics box build services offer full turnkey solutions. From panelling wires to assembling full boxes, we can offer solutions for the smallest and largest of requests.

All of our box build work is thoroughly programmed, tested, soaked and packaged to a variety of specifications and is shipped to multiple locations across the globe. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and have the best technology available to them to carry out their tasks.

To complete every project we can provide a unique packaging design and support all of our clients, answering any questions they might have. To find out more information about our electronics box build services contact us now