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What is CNC turning?

CNC turning is a detailed and specialised method of creating custom parts and components using a turning lathe. It is a highly skilled precision engineering process and can be used for a range of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.

An engineer will place a piece of material down in a chuck and rotate it at high speeds while a cutting tool is positioned against it to remove material. There is a lot of variety provided by using this tool as straight cuts, tapers and contours can be created by changing the angle and depth of the cutting tool. 

CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control” and means that engineers will programme the turning centre to complete a task, rather than carrying it out themselves. This automated process comes with certain advantages. 

Using a CNC turning centre helps to create a large volume of identical parts. The accuracy and consistency provided ensures exact copies are created every time. Once programmed, the lathe will follow the same instructions as before while also cutting parts quickly to meet deadlines.  

Here at ANR our CNC operators have exceptional programming expertise for CNC turning projects and are able to produce accurately machined components for use across a range of industry sectors. 

The CNC turning centres we use provide our engineers with the capacity to deal with a wide range of raw materials and profiling requirements. This means that we can take on any turning projects a client might have. If you would like to find out more please contact us now.

Turning Engineering Applications from ANR Manufacturing
Turning Engineering Applications from ANR Manufacturing
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