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Cable assembly manufacturers

Cable assembly manufacturers

A cable assembly consists of a group of wires which are encased in a singular tube of material for a particular purpose. Cable assemblies are designed to hold electrical wires safely and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments within many different industries.

Military bases, large scale production lines and medical equipment all rely on highly technical cable assemblies to operate effectively. Therefore even the smallest of mistakes in the set-up can prove extremely costly. 

Cable assembly manufacturers will deal with varying construction sizes on a daily basis and will be able to handle working on a number of different projects at the same time.

A large amount of manufacturing will involve custom cable assembly, using unique sizes, lengths and colours of wires.  

Custom cable assembly comes with a number of advantages including:

  • Material use: Custom cable assembly allows greater control over the materials used. This in turn means that the best materials can be used to fit the application in question.

  • Accuracy: By having the cables manufactured as per the design, the outcome will be exactly as what was wanted. For example, the right length wires can be manufactured for a clean result, avoiding having to hide any excess wires. 

Experienced cable assembly manufacturers will be able to carry out any custom cable assembly requirements, using their skills, knowledge and equipment to create any custom designs. They will be able to select the strongest materials to use and manufacture extremely accurate cable assembly projects.


  1. What industries typically require custom cable assemblies? Custom cable assemblies are used for applications across various industries, including military bases, industrial production lines, and medical equipment manufacturing. These industries rely on highly technical and precise cable assemblies to ensure efficient operations.
  2. How can custom cable assemblies benefit my project? Custom cable assemblies offer several advantages, including greater control over material selection, ensuring the use of the best materials for specific applications. Additionally, custom assemblies guarantee accuracy in design specifications, such as wire length, resulting in a clean and efficient outcome without excess wiring.
  3. How quickly can ANR handle urgent cable assembly requirements? ANR understands the importance of fast turnaround times for urgent projects. As professional cable assembly manufacturers, we prioritise quick response and efficient service for urgent requirements. Our team of skilled engineers is equipped to handle bespoke components and materials, ensuring timely delivery of your cable assembly needs.

Here at ANR we have a team of professionally skilled cable assembly engineers who can carry out a wide range of work. As highly professional cable assembly manufacturers we aim to ensure a fast turnaround is provided on urgent requirements, and are more than comfortable working with bespoke components and materials. 

If you have any cable assembly requirements and would like to talk through them with an expert, please contact us now. 

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