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Electronics box build services

Box build manufacturing

Box build manufacturing is a specialised process which requires expertise in the integration of a wide range of electromechanical systems, including wiring, the installation of components and the production of enclosures. Frequently, it will involve the installation of sub-assemblies and the routing of cables. The process involves more elements than would be required for working on a printed circuit board (PCB), and therefore requires a range of capabilities and resources to achieve consistently successful project outcomes.

Here at ANR we understand the wide variety of individual specifications that our customers may require, and how a turnkey solution may be needed to deliver what is needed to meet the demands of the project brief. We can assure them that we have the capability, through the skills of our engineers and the quality of our precision tools and machinery, to provide full PCB box build turnkey solutions, no matter what the scale or complexity of the project in question. 

Our box build manufacturing engineers can offer the precision engineering skills and resources required to ensure the success of any type of box build manufacturing assignment that we are asked to undertake. The work carried out includes prototyping, engineering and testing integral PCBs and other components. 

As a professional box build manufacturing company we understand the importance of testing and correcting faults. We always carry out thorough and vigorous testing and can produce solutions for a wide range of requirements. Diagnostic analysis is performed to find out, if a failure occurs in testing procedures, whether it is a one-off issue or likely to recur. In every case, the problem will be corrected to ensure that a fully reliable box build solution is produced. 

When a company approaches us for box build manufacturing services they will receive the benefit of exceptional levels of experience, expertise and resources as well as continual ongoing product development support. If you would like to find out more about the services we can provide for your business, please get in touch with us today.