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Precision engineering

What do precision engineering companies do?

Precision engineering is a form of engineering which encompasses technical work such as milling, turning and assembling electrical box build appliances. A precision engineering company will design and engineer components, machinery, equipment and systems for a large range of uses and industry sectors. 

Precision tools will be used by highly skilled engineers. Precision machining devices will be programmed to cut materials to precise sizes and repeated to the exact same measurements so that orders are delivered as specified. The machines used include turning lathes, CNC milling machines and multi-axis turning centres.

Companies within the precision engineering industry are always looking to use the latest cutting-edge technology in terms of machinery, computer equipment, software and materials. 

A precision engineering company will offer valuable feedback throughout every stage of a project, providing a high level of quality while also delivering the components on schedule. 

Precision engineering using a multi-axis CNC machining center.

Advantages of using precision engineering

Having the very latest equipment and the most highly-skilled staff, allows us as a precision engineering company to achieve a high surface integrity and dimensional accuracy on every job. The machines, staff, systems and experience we have all help to ensure:

  • Reduced human error: Using advanced precision tools helps to eliminate the risk of human error.
  • Faster production: Precision machining allows companies to keep their operations running throughout the night, while the workforce has gone home for the day. Machines are able to run 24/7 and only stop when repair work or maintenance is required.

Why use ANR Precision Engineering?

Here at ANR we combine the knowledge of our engineers with the highest quality precision tools to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. Our Engineering Division provides a wide range of services from product development and design support to full manufacturing and product life support.

If you want to find out more about how ANR manufacturing can help you with a precision engineering project then give us a call today on 01628 819157.