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Engineering Services in Buckinghamshire

Delivering Engineering Services in Buckinghamshire

The Government’s Buckinghamshire Local Industrial Strategy published In July 2019 stated that “Buckinghamshire is the fourth most productive area in England, with the highest employment rate in the Arc. The county has world leading assets and sectoral strengths in the space propulsion and film and television sectors, with the Westcott Space Cluster, Pinewood Studios and the National Film and Television School; and is also home to Silverstone Park and its associated Technology Cluster and a flourishing digital health sector.”

The Arc was an initiative launched in 2003 by three regional development agencies relating to the area defined as lying between Oxford and Cambridge. This imaginative scheme has supported the exceptional academic, research and business assets that this region, also known as the Cambridge-Milton Keynes – Oxford Corridor, has to offer.

As a precision engineering company, ANR Manufacturing has found that our location in Buckinghamshire has been very helpful to our business and its growth potential. We have been able to recruit a highly skilled and motivated workforce, partly through running successful apprenticeship schemes. We also hold regular programmes of employee development to meet the demands of the rapidly changing environment in advanced technology.

Engineering designers for the future 

It is vital to precision engineering that there is a consistent flow of new talent entering the sector. Companies delivering engineering services in Buckinghamshire have an excellent resource for this through the work of the Bucks New University, which has its High Wycombe Campus located at about 6 miles distance from our offices and manufacturing facility in Bourne End.  

The University has been running Engineering Design Courses for over 25 years and its experience allows it to be confident about the employability of students that undertake them. Its online information states:

“On completion, you should have the full complement of knowledge, skills and competence to enable you to be gainfully employed as an Engineering Designer in one or more of the following roles: Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Electrical Engineer Production Engineer…”

At a time when there is a nationwide requirement to recruit workpeople qualified to undertake STEM careers, Bucks New University is playing an important role in developing the skills that a precision engineering company like ANR Manufacturing will require for the future. 

Accuracy and flexibility

ANR Manufacturing is able to offer our customers an expert team with a wide range of electronic and engineering abilities and technical expertise. We have the equipment and technological resources to ensure that we meet customer demands with flexibility and total accuracy, completing every project to the exact specifications required. 

We define mission in precision engineering as providing “a wealth of services from product development and design support to full manufacturing and product life support.” As a precision engineering company, ANR Manufacturing is in an exciting and fast-moving sector, working with customers in industry, commerce, the sciences and other professions to bring their innovative solutions the global market. We have the capabilities and experience to help them realise their objectives, and are well placed in our Buckinghamshire location to be an easily accessible port of call.