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Unit 1, Jacksons Industrial Estate
Wessex Road Bourne End
Buckinghamshire SL8 5DT
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ANR Electronics

The Electronics Division offers a flexible approach to manufacturing, catering for free issue and purchased materials, KAN BAN and call-off orders with a diverse approach to the manufacturing process. We can both provide electronic contract manufacturing services for third parties or else handle EMS electronics projects for OEMs as required.  

The core areas within the Electronics Division cover PCB Assemblies, Cable Assemblies and Box Build, whilst we also cater for third party project management where required.

These electronic production services allow us to offer our clients a full range of skills and resources to meet every requirement. Our staff are trained to the highest industry standards, enabling them to handle any issues which may arise throughout a project.

We provide services to handle low volume and proto-typing through to medium volume in all of our areas and include test and certification where required. Above all, we believe it’s about supplying the electronic manufacturing solutions that you want.

Our skilled test department is able to test to component level and assist with the full implementation of full In Circuit Testing (ICT). We work with our customers to prove out test specifications, test processes and test fixtures and this includes both analogue and digital circuitry.

We believe that our testing capabilities are the best available for customers requiring electronic production services. Our robust testing system delivers an accurate component-level diagnosis of errors and will identify any problems before the assembly process has begun. 

We actively try to reduce costs on projects, so if customers require, we target cost reduction programmes and efficiency analysis to enable structured and effective product realisation.

Our friendly and flexible approach to EMS electronics and electronic contract manufacturing services is refreshing in the marketplace. We strive to work with customers rather than for or against them. Our NPI approach is simple and effective and we strive to minimise any production or supply chain drag for requirements.

For full details regarding any of the three areas – please click a link below.

PCB Assembly

At ANR, we operate two full surface mount lines, utilising three machines. With mixed technology capabilities...

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Cable Assembly

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Box Build

We understand that many customers require a turn key solution for their requirements. 

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