ANR Manufacturing Ltd

Unit 1, Jacksons Industrial Estate
Wessex Road Bourne End
Buckinghamshire SL8 5DT
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Customer Industry: Marine / Military

Area involved: Electronics / Engineering

Production Requirements: Package existing products into custom housing

Project Delivery: 2 weeks

Benefit gained through ANR: Re-design within short time period for instant deployment of product. New projects won through speed of service.

The story:

ANR were approached by a military customer, and were tasked with repackaging an emergency signaling device.

There were multiple constraints on the project including final sizes and dimensions of the product, the required IP rating, the functionality of the product and the constraint of fitting the existing devices into the new housing.

This was a joint venture between all department s within ANR as the final product needed not only high quality machined parts but the electronics input into development of PCB’s and wiring into the final unit.

Initial prototypes were created and models produced before a final design was settled upon. The customer was so pleased with how small and functional the final design was that this project has led to further production orders.